Sara Wrightman – ADHD & Life Coaching

Sara Wrightman – ADHD & Life Coach

(BA, MA, DTLLS, NCTJ, Certificate in OfSTED Inspections, Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching and Certificate in Executive Skills Coaching )

I am a fully qualified and successful Transformational Life and Executive Skills Coach with an emotionally empathetic and pragmatic approach to all my clients. Before, deciding to re-train as a Coach I spent twenty years working as an English and Media teacher in Secondary Schools and Further Education Colleges across London and the South East. It was whilst working as a teacher mentoring hundreds of young people to achieve their lifetime goals that I came to realize the need for a more impactful way to ‘hold’ conversations, discover hidden talents, inspire confidence and learn new ‘habits’ so that long term goals could be achieved. So, after having my second child I ‘retired’ from classroom teaching – and embarked on a new coaching journey to explore the way a shift in mindset hand-in-hand with the building of new skills and ‘habits’ could be a ‘game changer’ for absolutely anyone whatever their starting point.

I discovered that I was passionate about sharing the journey when a client discovers a new lifetime goal or the confidence to achieve an already recognized dream that has been hidden away for years! I have worked with hundreds of clients from 8 to 80 years of age –  to establish what exactly they want from their life, what is stopping them from getting there and most importantly what they need to do to create the changes to fulfil their desired outcomes in all areas of life.

What I have discovered is that there is no one single solution – but, a unique combination that begins with meeting individual needs (which babies do naturally when they cry – but, as we grow up we forget to acknowledge)- challenging old and unhelpful beliefs that have been holding us back up until this point, developing a Growth Mindset that shifts the way we view ‘obstacles’ in our lives by replacing them by finding an ‘opportunity to learn’ in absolutely any given situation (however hard it may appear) and finally learning new skills and practicing new habits that propel us forward in the direction we want to be travelling….


Whether you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ADHD – it is critical that coaching encompasses the ‘seamless’ development of the Executive Functions which are the skills that are challenging for anyone affected by ADHD. The Executive Functions are – time management, sustaining focus, planning and prioritizing, cognitive flexibility, emotional control, initiating tasks and metacognition skills. Research into the development of the brain shows that Executive Functions are not fully developed until our early to mid-twenties and that research into neuroplasticity illustrates that we can literally ‘train’ our brain like a muscle to create new habits when we consistently bring these into our lives. By merging Transformational Life Coaching with Executive Skills Coaching – clients are able to feel the impact of coaching quickly in their daily lives.


I am 100 percent committed to all my clients and therefore my sessions run between 60-90 minutes so clients have enough time without feeling the pressure of the clock ticking – and to further support my clients I offer an ‘open door’ policy whereby I contact clients and vice-versa between sessions to share stories and offer support along the coaching journey.


90- minute session with interim check ins – £75.00


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