Maria Briscoe – Homeopath

Willows Health - 3, The Broadway, Highams Park London E4 9LQ

Maria BriscoeFounder/Homeopath

Maria is our founder and proprietor of Willows. She works with local GPs and feels that alternative medicine needs to be better integrated into society.

Maria has run Willows for over 12 years and all her therapists have been hand-picked for their expertise and patient-management skills.

Maria Briscoe’s style is caring, supportive, professional and friendly and she brings with her a wealth of experience in her specialised field of children’s health.  Working with local GPs Maria will also correspond with consultants at patients’ request. Often people will have exhausted the NHS route with a variety of drugs and diagnoses.  This can be the reason many people turn to the homeopathic alternative.

Maria’s goal is to help patients achieve a state of wellbeing where the body allows them to become less dependent on medical drugs. She has written for UK magazine Green Parent and local newspapers on children’s health matters and mentors students from Homeopathic Colleges in London

Student training takes place at Willows once a month and Maria tutors students from many London colleges.

Maria also runs our sister homeopathic centre in Eastbourne…

The Daisy Clinic - 2 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex

FeedbackimageLets see what Maria’s clients are saying?….

“My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Glandular Fever in June this year.  She suffered with all the typical symptoms including nausea, swollen glands, extreme tiredness, dark rings around her eyes etc.  After 3 months of no real improvement over the summer and with a new academic year looming, a friend suggested we try homeopathy and we made an appointment to see Maria. Thank goodness we did!  The difference after the first 10 days was incredible, she lost the dark rings around her eyes, her glands significantly reduced in size and she felt generally less tired and so much brighter.  She went back to college in September feeling far better that we could have hoped for and her health continues to improve.  I cannot recommend Maria enough, she has certainly turned my daughter’s health around and my only regret is that we didn’t find her and homeopathy earlier!  Thank you so much Maria.”
– Name supplied.

“Thank you for all the help given to Max with his Chicken Pox. It [Frogleaf remedykept the itch at bay. Thanks again.” – Mrs Raymond, Highams Park, E4

“I’ve been meaning to write you this note for about 6 months now. I am much better indeed, and in great part thanks to you and your alchemy. I just wanted to thank you very much for everything. I have also recommended your services to everyone who ever complained of poor health, and will continue doing so.”  Ananda, Clapton, London, E6

“My leg has cleared of all the infected eczema, I am off all the petroleum-based creams that my GP prescribed. With your homeopathic help I am feeling much better and all my eczema has cleared. I feel you are the future of medicine.” – Joyce H (aged 85), Eastbourne Old Town

“Homeopathy has been an absolute saviour for us and the constant support that Maria offers (at the end of a text even) is great.  I only wish we had discovered homeopathy 7 years ago! My son continues to do well and this is entirely down to yourself and the help and support you have given him”
– Rumer B, Old Town Eastbourne

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