Pelvic Floor/Bladder Repair & Strength

Julie Houlihan

Pelvic Floor/Bladder Repair & Strength Coach

“I wear pads everyday after 2 big babies, I was left with no control”

“After 2 difficult births I had urine leaks and hid a partial prolapse from my family.

“I had a constant full bladder & worried I would get a prolapse in the future”

“After having babies, I hid my incontinence pads & urine leaks from my husband”.

If any of the above sound familiar, contact me for support:

I coach my clients to recapture fully functioning Bladder control along with a strong Pelvic Floor & STOP leaks from controlling their lives. This allows them to throw away those itchy lumpy incontinence pads they once relied on when leaving the house or meeting up with friends & family

I explain how Ab crunches, weight gain, medication can worsen the Pelvic Floor muscles. I also advise on working towards preventing prolapse in the future.

My clients now lead healthy lifestyles and exercise again WITHOUT having to stop to use the toilet 20 times or change their pants after a sneeze or cough.

They stopped spending money on Incontinence Pads, Kegel machines that they kept a secret from their husband. And got back the lost intimacy they once had.

I love helping Women with pelvic floor issues that are desperate to get back the fun family days out and throw their incontinence pads in the bin forever.

I have worked with over 50 clients just like you, who struggled to regain their pelvic floor and bladder control. 

Each session is completely confidential with a caring and sensitive approach 

I love seeing my clients go on long car trips to the beach again without stopping at every service station and never missing out on swimming with their kids anymore due to their bulky incontinence pads. This is impossible to achieve by doing hours of doctor prescribed exercises, Pilates, using kegel machines or core classes that can seize your back & hips for a whole week after.

My Clients get all the amazing advantages from exercising safely during pregnancy for both mother and baby. They ease themselves back into moving again with gentle exercises and simple pelvic floor routines, seeing a quick recovery.

STOP tossing and turning during sleepless nights which makes you annoyed at your Husband all day. END multiple trips to the bathroom due to a weak Pelvic Floor and be able to get on and off the sofa without feeling like 100 yrs old.

Claire finally came to see me after 7 months of struggling . We combined Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Safe Post Natal Training to achieve a strong core, flatter tummy, repaired Pelvic Floor/bladder muscles after her difficult birth.

Contact me via Willows…. 


If you are unsure about this treatment or whether I am the right coach for you, please get in touch so that we can discuss your needs and my approach, while answering any questions you may have.

Willows: 020 8523 2669

All of these methods are private and your personal information is not accessible by anyone other than myself.

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