A natural system of medicine which has been in use for over 600 years, homeopathy has now started to make a comeback due to people’s awareness in chemical conventional drugging and its effects.

There are now 5 full-time homeopathic hospitals in the UK, as well as many in Europe and across the remainder of the world.

Homeopaths work by treating the whole person on every level. A homeopath builds a picture of how symptoms began, their belief being that there will nearly always be a trigger to how events, body flow and harmony changed in the individual to present such symptoms.

Patients use a homeopathic service to maintain their general health and wellbeing, and to treat existing ailments where conventional medicine has not provided them with their desired level of care.

Homeopathy is very successful in the following areas: 

    –homeopathy4 Children’s health
    – Eczema
    – Acne
    – Hayfever
    – Panic attacks
    – Sleep disorders
    – Women’s health issues

At Willows we have over 700 homeopathic patients and that number is growing every year. The proof of the popularity of homeopathic treatment is the patient numbers.


Why Homeopathy

Why try Homeopathy? Check out this video


Corinnemaria_briscoeMaria Ann and Corinne Dowd are our on site specialists.

Both are insured and recognised by the Alliance and Society of Registered Homeopaths UK.

Between them they have the many years of clinical experience and advice that this growing homeopathic society now requires. Both trained at the London College of Practical Homeopathy for 5 years, completing postgraduate and iridology recognition. (Click on their images to learn more).

Our acne and eczema clinics run weekly at the center. These are very busy and so pre-booking is strongly recommended.

At the Willows our homeopaths run a helpline out of hours for those who may need assistance.

Online shopping available for organic eczema oils and cream available at www.frogleaf.co.uk.