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Headaches incl. migraines occur to many of us at one time or another and can be a hindrance to everyday life, whether the cause be pre-menstrual in women, stress induced or due to eye strain among other causes.

The vast majority of headaches have been proven statistically to be of benign cause and may be treated osteopathically.

A full case history is taken to establish the cause of your headache or migraine. Osteopaths have in-depth training in the pathological causes of headache and are able to recognise when osteopathy is inappropriate and further referral is required.

If osteopathic treatment is deemed appropriate, treatment is generally aimed to improve joint mobility,reduce tension in muscles and surrounding tissues and reduce possible nerve irritation, especially in the neck. Treatment may also improve blood supply and drainage to and from the neck. Advice with posture and stretching, as well as advice on ways to relieve stress is also part of the headache and migraine treatment plan.

munish_bhallaOur clinical professionals in this field are Mr Munish Bhalla (Registered Osteopath) and Michael Theocharous (Acupuncturist)

Munish is available (Click on Munish’s picture to learn more about his work):

Mondays and Thursdays 12-8pm. Also Saturdays 2-5pm



Michael has over 28 years of clinical experience, including working at many London hospitals.

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