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When walking over twice your body weight goes through your foot (even more when running or jumping) and this happens about 10000 times per day!

So it’s not really surprising that small imbalances in your foot can lead to ‘large’ pain! This may appear purely as foot pain but can also cause pain into the low back and sometimes even the neck!

orthotics-knee-painAs your foot hits the ground its primary function is to absorb the impact with the ground, and then to mould to the ground to give you a stable foothold. As this happens, the arch of your foot flattens and your leg rotates inwards. If you have flat feet, too much rotation can occur resulting in your pelvis tipping forward and your back over arching, which can cause pelvic and/or back pain, and maybe pain in your upper back or neck!

Orthotics devices are shoe inserts that provide support to the arch and rebalance the foot so that it works more efficiently and takes the strain off the rest of the body. ‘Off the peg’ and custom fitted orthotics are available, including devices specifically intended for sports shoes or high heels.



Our clinical professional in this field is Registered Osteopath, Paul Costin. Click on Paul’s photo to learn more about his work and testimonials.
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