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Below are some of the comments from past and current Willows customers.

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“My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Glandular Fever in June this year.  She suffered with all the typical symptoms including nausea, swollen glands, extreme tiredness, dark rings around her eyes etc.  After 3 months of no real improvement over the summer and with a new academic year looming, a friend suggested we try homeopathy and we made an appointment to see Maria. Thank goodness we did!  The difference after the first 10 days was incredible, she lost the dark rings around her eyes, her glands significantly reduced in size and she felt generally less tired and so much brighter.  She went back to college in September feeling far better that we could have hoped for and her health continues to improve.  I cannot recommend Maria enough, she has certainly turned my daughter’s health around and my only regret is that we didn’t find her and homeopathy earlier!  Thank you so much Maria.”
– Name supplied.

“I was lucky enough to meet Engel through my gym. I was suffering from RSI and had some terrible headaches & tension which bothered me daily and prevented me from doing any exercise. Engel fixed me and put me back together again. I had exercises to do at home to aid recovery between sessions. My headaches over time vanished, and now I’ve just completed my first half marathon within a year of treatment.” ….“Thank you again Engel. You’ve been nothing short of wonderful. You & Maria are the dream team!” 
– Abi, Brixton.

“Thank you for all the help given to Max with his Chicken Pox. It [..Frogleaf remedy..] kept the itch at bay. Thanks again.”
– Mrs Raymond, Highams Park, E4

“I’ve been meaning to write you this note for about 6 months now. I am much better indeed, and in great part thanks to you and your alchemy. I just wanted to thank you very much for everything. I have also recommended your services to everyone who ever complained of poor health, and will continue doing so.”
Ananda, Clapton, London, E6

“My leg has cleared of all the infected eczema, I am off all the petroleum-based creams that my GP prescribed. With your homeopathic help I am feeling much better and all my eczema has cleared. I feel you are the future of medicine.”
– Joyce H (aged 85), Eastbourne Old Town

“I can thoroughly recommend Paul Costin as an osteopath; he is friendly, professional and effective. As a result of an injury 18 years ago, I have experienced repeated frustrating ankle problems. After yet another ligament sprain, Paul successfully treated the injury, really assisting with pain relief and minimising the recovery time – I find his complementary use of local acupuncture particularly successful. In addition, I tried the orthotic insoles he prescribed and in my opinion, they have been a great investment – they seem to have stabilised my wobbly ankle and the long-term outcome is freedom from pain and further injury which get in the way of things you enjoy.”
Mr. A, Chingford, London E4

“Both my son and I have used the Willows Centre for osteopathic treatment.  I have been impressed with the service and found the practitioner Paul Costin to be very friendly and professional. Above all, I am now back training at the gym and using the running machines again.  At one point I thought that my gym days were over but I believe, thanks to Mr Costin, I avoided surgery and I am now nearly fully functioning as before.”
– Leigh Tierney

“From the age of weaning (4-5 months) my son, Henry, suffered from constipation.  At the age of 2 years he was so constipated that he couldn’t pee and was admitted to EDGH.  After treatment, he was put on a decompaction regime of 12 sachets of Movicol.  For days he barely ate as he felt so sick and his bowels literally ran like water.  We felt there must be a reason for him to be suffering from such constipation and decided to get him allergy tested.  This revealed a dairy intolerance.  We removed dairy from his diet and discontinued the Movicol and within 24 hrs he was a much better boy.

We kept Henry on a strict dairy free diet for several months but this became difficult as he got older, especially when visiting friends and relations and going to parties etc.  We would usually give in to him eating dairy and to begin with he would be fine so we would let him have more ‘treats’ but before we knew it he would hit overload and we would be back at the doctors and back on Movicol.  This ‘seesaw’ went on for years.  At one point the doctor told us we were better to keep him on regular Movicol and let him eat what he likes than to keep him on a dairy free diet!  In my heart I knew this was not right but felt we had little choice.

After 6 years of this we had had enough and were fortunate enough to stumble on the Daisy Clinic.  We were seen for the first time by Maria in Aug 2014 and Henry began his homeopathic remedies.  These were so easy for him to take – tiny white tablets that just tasted slightly sweet.  Maria was going to work on supporting Henry’s system with an aim to removing his reliance on Movicol and help him to tolerate dairy again.  We only needed to be seen every other month and meanwhile communicated with Maria via text messaging.

In January 2015 we started desensitising remedies with a view to introducing dairy after 6 weeks. Meanwhile we were gradually decreasing the Movicol.  We started introducing dairy just at a small amount once a week in March and my son tolerated it without any problems.  In early May we finally stopped Movicol, again without any problems.  We have gradually increased the amount of dairy that he eats and Henry is coping well. 

Homeopathy has been an absolute saviour for us and the constant support that Maria offers (at the end of a text even) is great.  I only wish we had discovered homeopathy 7 years ago! Henry continues to do well and this is entirely down to yourself and the help and support you have given him”
– Rumer B, Old Town Eastbourne

“I contacted Maria at the Daisy Clinic when my son’s behaviour changed after having vaccinations. I had delayed his vaccinations so didn’t have them until he was 13 months, so I felt he had already developed a personality. He was a very calm, loving and happy boy, then after the vaccinations he became irritable, frantic and hyperactive. We visited 3 times in total, on our first visit, my son practically ruined Maria’s practice and pulling things off tables. He also didn’t really acknowledge Maria in the room and didn’t interact with her. He also had an upset tummy and had become very fussy with food; I could hardly get him to eat a meal, just snacks all day. He also had started talking before he was a year, saying the usually ‘mummy’ ‘daddy’, our dogs name, ‘hiya’ ‘bye’ but he regressed and stopped saying any words. Another issue we had was teething, my son was 18 months when we first visited Maria and only had 6 teeth with no sign of any more appearing. Maria reassured me and told me that we can get my son back, which was lovely to hear. When we returned 4 weeks later for our second appointment we noticed some changes, not quite so frantic and hyper, had started experimenting with foods and starting to eat some meals such as pasta, egg and beans. My son had also started saying a couple of words- dad, bag, Maria prescribed some further remedies and we booked another appointment for 6 weeks later. We returned 6 weeks later for our 3rd appointment. The difference in my son is incredible. Hes saying lots of words, and even putting sentences together ‘I go down stairs’ , ‘I have more’, finished, ta, mummy, daddy, car, digger, my bag, yes’ He is also eating pretty much everything. He never touched meat and now his favourite is roast lamb. He loves fruit and vegetables. Best much, much calmer, still full of energy, but just this morning he stood on his stool while I cooked a pie for dinner, very content playing with some wooden spoons and a bowl. I cant recommend The Daisy Clinic enough. I was at my wits end when I first went there and was in tears through worry for my son, I’m not ashamed to admit that I dreaded my husband going to work each day because I’d have to take care of my son alone. But now I love spending time with him and miss him so much when he goes to nursery. Thank you Maria for bringing my son back.”
– Name supplied.

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